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Colorful Pipes


Nedra Banks

Nedra Banks is an Evangelist, Mentor, Playwright, Author, and most of all a true servant. She is a native of Amelia County and was educated in the Amelia County Public School system. She is a mother of two sons, hairstylist, and the prosperous business owner of Beauty Express by NB Beauty Salon, Fashion Sense Boutique online store, and NeNe Productions. 

The Ministry

You will be able to see highlights of  ministry moments,  biography and various  teachings on living out  the word on a day to  day basis. 

The Coaching

You will be able to view services providing  you with practical steps  in taking your business  and personal life to the  next level.  In a classroom or on a one on one basis.

The Author

You will be able to  purchase and explore a journey of hope, love and peace.  An autobiography that is sure to assist you in coming out on top. 

The Products

You will be able to purchase a variety of books, journals, and consulting services that suits your needs.  Please check on a weekly basis as inventory is updated weekly.


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