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Nedra Banks is a Preacher, Evangelist, Mentor, Playwright, Author,

Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and most of all a servant.

She is a native of Amelia County and was educated in the Amelia

County Public School system. She is mother of two sons, hairstylist, owner and a serial entrepreneur of several successful businesses.  Which includes but not limited to ; Glorious Hair and Skin Care Products, Fashion Sense Boutique,  Gracious Living Home Quarters; an assisted living home for the elderly.

She is the author of her autobiography "From Pain to Purpose" ,  "Morning Coffee" a devotional , and coming soon "A Place called Empty" and "The Day I Fired my Boss".   Under NeNe Productions; she has written and produced a stage play called "Change" and her most recent work in progress "Underneath the Church Dress".  Nedra is the founder of R.A.G. (Restoring A Generation) youth program, a non profit organization named Restoration Outreach which helps the community with a concentration in youth, domestic violence and the elderly.

Nedra accepted the call on her life in the year 2000, and since then she has been licensed as a minister of the gospel in 2006 and ordained as a Pastor in 2012. Along this journey Nedra has served in many capacities, which includes but not limited to armourbearer, ministerial staff, youth ministry, prison ministry, deliverance and evangelism ministry. Nedra is operating as an Apostolic Evangelist and is the Pastor of Empowerment Church RVA located in Richmond Va.  Her ministry is submitted under Restoration Covenant Alliance International as Covenant Pastor, under the tutelage of Apostle Charlie and Pastor Vikki Ammons.

Nedra is a humble servant and disciple of Christ. She has traveled to, evangelizing and assigned to various areas as well as Uganda Africa doing the work of the Lord and have a strong desire to go back. Nedra has been through many traditional stages of life in a very short period of time; and through it all was birthed a strong woman of encouragement to people. Nedra has a tremendous passion for the people of God as a whole. Her desire is too train, uplift, encourage, and restore others saved and unsaved, in becoming better citizens in the communities in which they reside while showing them the way to God. 

Passionately known as "The Shifter" her fire, apostolic authority, evangelistic anointing, loving heart and powerful testimony is helping people across the world where she is equipping, restoring and raising up people to be disciples of Christ while restoring their lives with the word of God. 

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